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Trucking 4 Charity

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What Is Trucking 4 Charity?

Trucking4Charity is a 12 hour convoy + truckfest hosted on TruckersMP. This convoy will all over the Euro Truck Simulator 2 map taking lots of scenic routes. We will have plenty of volunteers helping our with Convoy Control to ensure the routes go smoothly with 100% enjoyment! Our main goal of the event is to raise money for charity.

All To Raise Money For Sands

Sands is the stillbirth and neonatal death charity. They support anyone affected by the death of a baby, working to improve the care bereaved parents receive, and promoting research to reduce the loss of babies’ lives.

What will T4C involve?

We will hold a large truckfest before the event to allow VTC’s and drivers to show off their trucks!


We have a dedicated team of amazing people to help with route planning, convoy control and more to make T4C run smoothly!

We will have a total of around 12 hours of convoys with multiple routes throughout the day & across the map!

Showing Our Thanks

Without the VTC’s arriving at the truckfests we wouldnt have such a great start to the event, this is why we have something planned 😉

Chicken - Founder

<p>Discord: DJ Chicken | T4C2019#6989</p>

Discord: DJ Chicken | T4C2019#6989

My dream for Trucking4Charity 2019 is to have as much fun as possible while helping out an amazing charity who help thousands of families every day. Working along side the staff with this event makes the experience even better and I have total trust in the team to help make T4C another great event on TruckersMP!

DavNav - Event Organiser

<p>Discord: <span class="username">DavNav™</span><span class="discriminator">#2857</span></p>

Discord: DavNav™#2857

T4C was but a dream for me in the beginning, watching others organise events this large I thought it would never be possible, but with a team that works hard we have been able to build a new event from the ground upwards and raise money for the greatest causes we can think of. We hope to help make this event one of the best TMP has ever had

Hyper - Event Organiser

<p>Discord: <span class="username">Hyper</span><span class="discriminator">#5454</span></p>

Discord: Hyper#5454

I am proud to work along side the founder Chicken & organiser DavNav, As a organiser we want this event to run as smooth as possible a lot of work has gone on behind the scenes and continues to until the event has been complete, We work along side a fantastic team of Convoy control & media, This charity means a lot to myself as i have suffered the loss of a child so we hope to raise as much money as possible. Hope you all enjoy the event.




TruckSimFM will be providing the updates on where the convoy is, playing all the music we need for the whole event and more!




This whole event is to raise money for Sands. A still birth & neonatal death charity. You can find out more here.

Axiel Gaming



Providing event staff to work alongside other fantastic volunteers to make T4C 2019 an event you wont forget!